Դϲҽ ڣ2012-10-11

     National Day material -- various countries National Day origin The National Day is each national important holiday, but the name has differently. Many countries are called "the National Day" or "the National Day", but also has some countries to call "the independent date" or "the independent festival", also some calling "republican date", "republic date", "revolutionary date", "liberation date", "national revival festival", "constitution date" and so on, but also has directly to the country's name adds on "the date", like "the Australian date", "the Pakistani date", some take king's birthday or ascends the base date as the National Day, in case king changes, National Day specific date also along with it replacement. Every time meets the National Day, the various countries all must hold the different form celebration, strengthens the our country people's patriotic consciousness, the enhancement country cohesive force. Between the various countries also all must mutually express the congratulation. Meets five meets for ten National Days, some also must expand the celebration scale. In order to celebrate the National Day, the various countries' government usually must hold a time of National Day reception, by the head of state, the head of government or foreign minister acts on behalf of to manage, the invitation is stationed at the locality the various countries' diplomatic agent and other important foreign guests participates. But also has the country does not hold the reception, like US, England do not hold the reception.